Hi there! I am Andrey Korchak 👋

I’m a software engineer (since 2005), tech leader (since 2015) and entrepreneur (3 companies founded since 2015). I’m passionate about building software products, engineering culture, and startups.

Currently serving as a fractional CTO in the fintech sector, and doing R&D for the next big thing.

Also, I’m reflecting on some important questions and writing essays with my thinking. All essays are available on this website, just check the menu.

Companies I’ve founded and co-founded

  • 🥷 Stealth mode project (since Feb 2024) - I’m currently working on a new project in cloud computing space. It’s currently in research and development stage and it will be oficcially announced in second half of 2024.
  • 🏦 Monite - Embedded finance API platform. I co-founded this company at the end of 2019 and served as CTO till Jan 2024. Together with the founding team, I grew this project from a team of three to a full-scale business with 60 employees, 20+ B2B customers, and 7-figure revenue. In 2024 I was offered an opportunity to exit the business and decided to move to the next big thing.
  • 👩 Vokabee - Language learning AI fior schools and universities. I founded this company in 2015 and I steered it from MVP to regional expansion in ASEAN. It was my first big project and I didn’t manage to hit serious revenue numbers. At the beginning of 2019, the project was discontinued. This company taught me some great lessons about all aspects of tech startup management (inlucing strategy, product management, financial ops and fundraising)


The right pieces of information at the right time will save thousands of dollars for you.

Let’s sit down and talk through all your tech and product development problems. Engineering culture, tech team hiring, product roadmap, tech co-founders, software architecture, tech strategy for software companies, tech leadership coaching.

Just email me all your questions and challenges and we will find a solution: consulting@akorchak.software