Andrey Korchak

Engineer/team lead for early stage companies

Crafting software since 2004. Passionate full-stack developer. Managing tech teams since 2015. Strong preference for startups and small (in terms of employees) companies. Really like to work on MVPs, early-stage products and prototypes.

9 startups launched

5 startups reached revenue stage

Had experience in YCombinator startup

$110 000+ US raised for my last venture

Skills and tech stack

Mostly I'm focused on all aspects of web development: server-side applications, SPA applications, APIs.

I'm able to manage full stack tech teams (up to 10 engineers). I'm a big fan of SCRAM, Japanese management theory and Dev/Ops culture.

Really passionate about MVPs and prototyping for early-stage companies and products.

— Languages: Python (Flask), JavaScript (React), NodeJS, PHP. Had some experiense with Obj-C, C, Lisp.

— Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis.

— Analytics: InfluxDB, Grafana, Graphite.

— Machine learning: nltk, spacy, scikit, pandas

Infrastructure (Dev/Ops): Debian-based Linux distros, Docker, message queues, cloud servers (AWS, Digital Ocean), monitoring, Jenkins

Other tools: git/hg, functional and unit testing,

Will be happy to help you out with your project.
Andrey Korchak